I'm Brittany. I'm a Taurus and I like Gaga, Gorillaz, the Clash, Bowie, Ghosts, and Mick Jagger
Track: Santa Maria da Feira
Artist: Devendra Banhart
Album: Cripple Crow

Pensando cada dia, cada hora
Pensando en ti
Caminando, mi cesta llena de moras
Son para ti


literally david bowie is everywhere. started listening to the arcade fire song and hes on it. go to the shopping center and theres a david bowie poster. go out to eat and there’s david bowie artwork on the walls. this all happened in a day.

You can’t escape his wrath


More fanart to come I’m sure, but these characters have just such incredible designs, I couldn’t not draw them again. They are much more on model this time too yay <3 I love these two together, they are the cutest thing, I can’t!

The Book of Life was spectacular <3

Definitely my favorite animated film in years!